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Accounts Payable Automation


Transform your Accounts Payable operation into an additional revenue channel and improve the efficiency and security of paying your vendors.

Ideal for organizations who spend $10M-$1B+ annually in vendor payments (AP). Our AP automation platform allows you to streamline processes, generate substantial revenue from rebates, and move cash more efficiently to your vendors -all in one portal. You can even process payments from remote locations.


Revenue Gain Value Delivered To-Date: $100+ Million

Many organizations pay their vendors with paper checks or ACH transfers. Checks are inefficient, costly, and not secure. Yet, 50% or more of vendor payments are still processed via check. ACH payments cost less and are more secure but are limited in data exchange. And neither of these payment methods generates revenue.

Our AP Automation technology is significantly faster and more efficient than checks or ACH, and it generates substantial revenue just from paying your vendors.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing account system at no additional cost, is highly secure, saves time and money and, most importantly, pays you for each transaction. Every $10 million in virtual payments could add $100,000 or more in additional revenue to your bottom line. You have to pay your suppliers anyway, so why not generate revenue from doing so?

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